So, I kind of forgot that I even had a Twitter account. I had deleted the App from my phone almost 8 months ago.These are a couple of the gems that I was mentioned in since the racist float at our local 4th of July parade a few weeks ago.

White people can be extremely disgusting, horrible human beings. I am tired of the #NotAllNebraskans #NotAllWhitePeople

Seriously, these are your people!

Fuuuuuuuck those assholes, thank god that party is dying a humiliating death.



What ‘The Golden Girls’ Taught Us About AIDS" via Barbara Fletcher

"But this is what The Golden Girls was so good at: bringing home those topics that often made people uncomfortable — racism, homosexuality, older female sexuality, sexual harassment, the homeless, addiction, marriage equality and more — and showing us how interconnected and utterly human we all are at any age. Served, of course, with that delicious trademark humor that infused the show throughout its groundbreaking, taboo-busting seven-season run.”